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Design has moved on a fair bit from the days when people used to sit in the pub sketching ideas on the backs of fag packets. And the traditional agency model has begun to feel a bit, well, burnt out. This is where Digital Fag Packet comes in…
We recognise that, in the digital age, projects can range in size and scope like never before. So we do the same. We’re an organic collaboration of highly skilled individuals. We’re not fixed or limited to a specific group of people, so we can assemble a team that’s bespoke to your exact requirements, large or small. Our skillset covers everything from fully immersive interactive experiences to total rebrands, far-reaching ad campaigns, product and print.
We’re consultants, strategists, designers and marketers. Creative professionals geared to deliver the most affordable, engaging and, crucially, effective solutions. In short, we’ll light up your project, whatever it may be. Make contact and let us help to get your idea moving.
We're a colourful bunch
A wealth of experience that doesn't cost a packet
We are quite unlike any other conventional agency.
We are not a ‘bricks and mortar’ company with massive overheads … we are digital.
So when you sit down and meet with us our starting point is zero, not thousands of pounds.
The Digital Fag Packet team are all seasoned professionals with many projects between us. The skill, knowledge and experience we have is far greater than a regular static team at other agencies.
Between us we can take a project from a brand design, to a website build, to product sourced or manufactured then distributed to you or your clients.
Our services include project planing & management, print, packaging, signage, POS, direct mail, design, copy, publishing, branding, website design & hosting, digital audit, code, marketing including/SEO/social and blogging, promotional merchandise, product launch, concept design, 3D modelling, 3D printing and prototyping, animation, art & creative design, AR/VR/MR interactive experience, product sourcing & manufacturing and finally fulfilment and logistics.

The reason we’re the best:

We have an awesome team
Creativity is our fuel
Only the best is good enough
Masses of experience
plenty of great ideas
On time every time
We don’t make mistakes
We get it every time

Why should you choose us:

We’re super easy to work with
Your success is our success
Making you happy is our goal
We know your market
Or else we’ll learn about it
All our clients love us
We thrive on innovation
We’re the best at what we do

Our previous work includes:

Branding and re-branding
Web design and development
Designing UX for top apps
Making recognizable logos
VR and AR experiences
New media advertising
Exceptional animations
Personalized typography